Hectic Mate

Damn life can be hectic… so much happening around you and so many things impacting your lifestyle and before you know it you are stuck whirlwind helping everyone else get their task done and forgetting about your self your own goals and what it was you started to do before you got distracted.

Then the unsatisfied devil comes along to steal your happiness, he starts to burn your dreams and ambitions and makes everything else seem so much harder then what it is.

you end up losing self-esteem and confidence, that self-satisfaction is gone and you're living a life trying so had to impress others to make you feel good about yourself, waiting for some form of recognition a hi-five a well done a thank you and then when you don’t get it… you end up in a bigger hole.

It's just a vicious cycle really, chasing someone else dreams for them instead of focusing on what it was you really so desperately wanted 30 days ago.

It happens all the time, remember that gym membership or that 12-week body transformation you started or that business idea you had and never followed up with? Do you remember thinking how good it would be to study that or achieve this? But you let yourself put everyone else dreams 1st!!!

So let's just sit back and take a moment to think about what it is that you want to achieve…..

what do you want to do?

what steps can you put in place to get there?

when is this dream possible?

who can you ask for help along the way?

have you got that one annoying fly of a person who is constantly reminding you of what you said you wanted?

what can people you align with to support and sustain your energy are you prepared for this commitment?

do you want this MORE than anything?

how bad do you want it?

how can you constantly and politely remind your people who are around you like your family and friends that no your not being rude or secluding yourself from events, coffee dates or wasting your time with the tv?

what can you put in place to ensure you recognize when you are falling into old habits and routines?

where can you gain more energy and what can you gain more energy from?

these are the questions I always put towards myself, these are the reasons why I choose to fly high and continue to soar.

this is how I manage to pick myself up when I find myself “people pleasing” instead of following my own path.

I have faith in my vision and yes I do take on way to much at one time but I CHOOSE to BELIEVE that my path is always aligned with my purpose and I CHOOSE to believe that I am expendable. I can stitch myself for miles and still be capable of doing what I need to do. I choose to align myself with high string positive minded people and I REFUSE to have anyone tell me otherwise… there's no such thing as “fuck the haters” when all you see is the green light!!! you leave the haters in your old pair of shoes while you squeeze on your next pair of bigger shoes.

NEVER PUSH YOU ASIDE... Live your life always remembering what you do for yourself will allow you to have the energy to help others later on down the track!

Jade xx

#exercise #healthy #lifestyle #mindset

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