Early Morning's Suck

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired....

So I made the decision to

- W A K E U P & L I V E -

everyday, to do what it is that I'm good at!

What are you good at?

For me, I'm really good at helping people realise their full potential and help them achieve their goals!

Every morning we roll out of bed and yes, it's not easy to leave the comfiest place in the world leaping for joy... But when you have something to look forward to it's a little bit easier!

Don't get me wrong I still love my sleep-ins and I definitely find it hard to get out of bed when I'm physically and mentally exhausted but it's up to us to manage our stress levels and to learn how to delegate or how to priorities!

These are my 5 tips for helping you become a better morning person. YES it requires practice and no not every day is easy but when you start to create a better routine you'll learn to enjoy your mornings ALOT more!!


Not every day but at least once a week a make sure I sit to see the sunrise, it's such a magical thing and it's so energising to literally be in the presence of a sunrise while you practice your gratitude and prepare yourself for your day. It is the most undisturbed hour of the day it is peaceful and beautiful and it allows your body and mind to freely be itself at that moment as there is no one usually around to have you judging your thoughts. Still, to this day my Nana freaks out at the fact I can get up early and enjoy it... all those times at school she'd wake me up 10 mins before my bus and id be running barefoot, toothbrush in mouth bag unzipped just to make the bus... It was an expensive trip if I have to pay my mum petrol money to get there.. $20 every time hahaha I was earring back then a massive $6 per hour.

Just to see one sunrise a week MINIMUM is something to be so proud of, it's a real achievement and I like to take my notebook with me sometimes to write out what thoughts and ideas come up at the time... this is where a lot of my retreats and workshops or 8 week challenges are planned out... this is where I choose to show up as the most open source of self and accept what gifts the universe is giving me.


You'd be surprised at how much energy is required to digest your foods, I eat a light but filling breakfast mostly consisting of 1/2 cup oats, 2 tablespoons of nuts and seeds, 1 tablespoon or @coyo_is_coconuts yogurt and a cup of berries 🍓

I look forward to eating this in the morning I'm actually excited to get my ass out of bed just to eat it... Find something that's nourishing and provides you with energy, if you look forward to eating your breakfast it won't seem that hard to wake up 10 mins earlier to eat it. But not only that try t avoid eating just before bed, if you go to bed full of heavy foods you won't wake up fresh at all, in fact, you'll much prefer to stay in bed due to the energy required to burn the food but also because you won't be hungry for that breakfast you were looking forward to. Again feed your soul, not your hunger!!!


I love getting into my zone with some music I have a specific playlist for all my moods on @spotify and I have some epic tracks on @soundcloud that really help lift my spirits even on my worst days... I can go from hardcore, to house, to rnb, to rock, to heavy metal, to Aussie hip hop nothing like good variety to boost your mood and a good belt put in the car to awake your soul... I mean we're all Adele in the car yeh?? 🎶


It's not just hippie guru's and Buddha's that stop and breath it's for everyone, you just need to find a way that works for you, my dad taught me to stop and breath and a kid to help me sleep as I was always a night owl, @gabbybernstein has some guided meditations that assist you to get in the zone when you feel like you don't know where to start.

Really, even sitting with a cup of tea in the sun close your eyes for a minute and just breath deep... SOOOOO deep you can feel it deep into your feet! Absorb everything that warms you and embraces the moment, smile open your eyes and enjoy your day!!


From the mouth of my 5-year old-year-old sister "you need to go outside and exercise because the air gives you energy and walking gives you energy too!"

If a 5-year-old can understand this without me influencing her thoughts I'm pretty sure you can too, so many people come to me and explain how they are flat lethargic unmotivated and depressed...

If I could make everyone in the world do one thing it would be as simple as going outside and WALK, get a little vitamin D it's fantastic to your body and breath in the fresh air it's good for your soul!!

Morning sun hitting your eyes is one of the greatest ways to absorb vitamin D and with 1/3 of Australians lacking vitamin D I think that this is something that everyone should take on board!

Put some music on and dance... Dancing pretty much is the same language all over the world it's a celebration and it creates joy and happiness so... Don't be shy let a little wiggle out every now and then!

These are a few ways in which I have changed from being a person who woke up at 1 pm to someone who embraces 5-6am.. like I said it's not natural for me, in fact, it's really really hard to keep up and when I decide to work late start early and study at 1 am I really struggle with it.... But I had a good friend of mine @lochihorner_lho chatted to me about disco naps and how listening to your body is key :) so when I need to nap at 1 pm I nap and now I'm ok with that!

It's ok to wake up in the morning feeling lousy AF but it's your choice to decide whether or not you choose to embody some epic energy or stay in your slump....

Love Jade Lee xx

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