Take Control Of Your Pain!

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Pain always has a purpose..

Do you see pain as a negative? Pain is your bodies way of recognising that your in danger or at risk of injury.

We have two types of pain:

Acute Pain - Short term that gradually disappears through natural healing, and

Chronic Pain - Which last for more than 6 months or more even years from a specific injury or repetitive strain. Recently I have suffered an injury due to not listening to my body or taking control of the step needed to ensure my body is at is peak. Simple things like not stretching enough not training in sequence forgetting about the small boy work thats important like hip mobility, foam rolling and glute strengthening and most importantly neither myself of my parter did anything about the mattress we were sleeping on that yes was new with all the fancy pillow top squishiness but an absolute waste of money, sinking right though the middle and causing us to sleep with our spines and hips unsupported. BANG thats all it takes to completely screw your back!! But more to the point this is why I have decided to write this blog post about managing pain.

How do we manage our pain?

Not all pain is bad pain, reaching outside your comfort zone testing the limits of your body isn’t bad. Its your body growing and gaining strength this is called DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) this is normal and can be felt even days after a tough session.

Bad Pain will leave you feeling weak and unstable. A sharp joint pain or muscle ache. Pinching/restricting movements. This could be an injury that requires you to rest your body and possibly seek medical assistance.

Learning to deal with all type of pain is a must, most of all get to know your body. Stretching and Light forms of exercise help release the bodies build up of lactic acid after DOMS and warm blood to these sore spots promotes the bodies muscle recovery.

Manage acute pain and chronic pain by seeking help: Myotherapist, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Exercise Specialists, Pediatrist etc.

Apply ice to inflamed sore areas 20mins max and increase your EFA’s (essential fatty acids) Oily fish like salmon, nuts, seed, avocado, flax seed oil and other natural sources. I personally avoid taking medication unless necessary a firm believer in FOOD IS FUEL for your body. It provides us with Carbs for go power, oils for efficient muscle and joint function, calcium to keep or bones strong and protein for muscle gain, strength and recovery.


Do Not Ignore Pain, it is a warning. Prevent injuries by warming up effectively including mobility exercises and keeping strong correct technique. TALL AND STRONG not limp and fragile.

Foam Rollers are a favourite of mine, if you don’t have one get one and if you don’t know how to use it this is what I am hear for!!

Most important, PREHAB! Exercises that activate the weaker stability muscles in your body.

  • External Rotator Cuffs

  • Rear Deltoids

  • Mid Back

  • Lower Back

  • Core

  • Hip Mobility

  • Deep Glute Strengthening and Stretching.

It is best to correct muscle imbalance rather then just focusing on what is already strong.

There is a way to manage good and bad pain, if your unsure what you need to do is ask your trainer (ME) :) or seek a form professional help as listed before.

There is NOTHING that can stand in your way of reaching your goals only YOURSELF.

For guided online training and support you can click the link below and book your consultation today!!!

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