Protein Packed Amazeballs

What do you mean you made Amazeballs?

A simple recipe to ensure you have the sweet snack when you need it that won't go straight to you tummy, hips or thighs!! Hahaha Given you eat them in moderation... With the amount of dates, I would highly recommend avoiding eating them all at once... The toilet will be your friend!!

Here is how it goes....

Such a simple recipe all you need is a few ingredients:

-3 Cups of almond meal

-130g Chocolate Protein

(I recommend Isagenix, IsaLean Pro or IsaLean Dairy Free)

-1/4 Cup of Quick Oats -1/4 Cup Coconut Flakes

-15 Pitted Dates

-3 Table Spoons of Water (more or less given the texture)

To Cover The Amazeballs:

Desiccated Coconut- Acari Berry Powder-


Crushed Pepitas-

Chia Seeds-

The How To Do:

1. Pit all your date and place in a food processor and blend up until all broken down

2. Add all dry ingredients

3. depending on the quality of the date or freshness will depend on how much water you will need, being a sticky fruit you want the texture of the mixture to be slightly dry to look at but when gathered up it will roll into a ball!

4. Roll into balls, roll into toppings of choice.

Makes 20-25 Balls depending on how much mixture you eat during the process! Happy Snacking!! Oh and a few little tips, if your in a hurry or your just feeling lazy place mixture in a shallow square dish and place it in the fridge for 30mins before slicing!!!!

Much Love, Jade Lee xx

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