Lets Talk About Fat Baby...

What If I Told You

Your Brain Is Made Up of 60% FAT

Some Good Sources Of Fat Include:

Animal Fat

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Activated Nuts

Coconut Cream


Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds/ Flax Seed Oil

Whole Eggs

-What If I then Told You-

By living a low fat diet your increasing your risk of neurological disorders?

We as humans NEED fat to survive, we rely on fat as a source of energy as is supplies or body with a super fuel.

Your not wrong, fat is high in calories, per gram to carbohydrates that is. Although “fats” are stored far more efficiently and provides a fast energy source to draw upon that is burnt effortlessly over long periods of time.

I look at it like this…

Imagine starch or sweet carbohydrates like white bread, coke, potato running though your blood system. Now if your looking to loose weight did you know you actually have to burn off that sugar in your blood system before you can even begin burn fat? So no matter how long you spend at the gym doing your spin class, running, jumping around in step class like a fool, expecting huge results out of your metafit class or boxing session as they are both HUGE fat burning sessions you could be jumping around like a loony for 20/50 or more minutes before our body recognises that there is fat to burn! What waste of time all for that Mars Bar right?

Having a reliable source of energy through out the day allows you to burn your bodies fat, feel more satisfied and allows you to have clearer cognitive function.

Increasing your good fat intake means fewer cravings, control your hunger, stabilise your mood and create a much better blood flow to your brain and all over your body decreasing inflammation and joint pain!

Sharing the Love!!

Sharing is caring guys so if you have found this blog handy and a good source of knowledge please share it on to your friends and family members. My aim is to educate you all with all of the good knowledge I have stored in my brain. On that note if you wish for a blog about anything you're interested in and want to know more about it I am happy to write one up! Thanks for the read,


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