I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts...

Coconut Meat

Why Should You Eat It

So all this fuss about coconut and 101 reasons why you should eat it but do you know that benefits and do you know what you can do with the meaty jelly like insides that taste AMAZING!!

Read on to find out more....

-Whats In The Coconut-

The Nutrients

Coconut Meat, the gooey jelly like stuff inside of your fresh young coconuts is one of the greatest sources of dietary fiber (especially for those who struggle to use there bowels). Full of medium chain fatty acids, which yes are a source of saturated fats although these babies are processed differently in our bodies to other saturated fats such as meats. These Medium chain fatty acids are used directly as a source of fuel by the body rather then broken down, absorbed and stored like other saturated fats. Coconut meat is full of essential vitamins and minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, B Vitamins and Foliate. With around 283 Calories per cup 26.8 Grams of fat and 5 Grams of sugar this little beauty is a powerhouse of good nutrition and a power house of goodness improving your blood pressure, the reproduction of red blood cells, feeding your brain with good fat for absorbing awesome knowledge like this and great for boosting your energy!!!

I cannot stress the importance of a balanced amount of potassium and sodium in your blood stream as for females your cycle depends on it and for everyone it's a necessity for imporving the quality of your muscles. Cramping much? It might be not only the lack of magnesium in your system but also the lack of potassium!

How can I eat it?

You can use the coconut meat for many different purposes I personally like to eat it straight out if the coconut and most of the time I eat the whole lot before it gets a chance to be made into a smoothie. Chuck it in your smooties to thicken them up and sweeten them and I have seen them used in many different treats which you can find a few delicious treats here: http://rawfoodrecipes.com/ingredient/young-coconut/

Sharing the Love!!

Sharing is caring guys so if you have found this blog handy and a good source of knowledge please share it on to your friends and family members. My aim is to educate you all with all of the good knowledge I have stored in my brain. On that note if you wish for a blog about anything you're interested in and want to know more about it I am happy to write one up! Thanks for the read,


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