The great lover of Kettle Bells... But do you know why the kettle bell is such an amazing tool of your workouts or why you should learn how to pick one up and use one?

-Here is 5 Reasons Why-

  1. Strength, Power and Endurance. There are not a lot of pieces of equipment out there that are versatile enough to get your heart racing and move quick enough from an explosive full body movement like a KB Swing into a Strength Motion like a High Pull followed by a powerful arm motion like a Clean and Press!

  2. Kettle Bells are fantastic for strengthening your grip and forearm strength. Both of which are necessary for movements like pull ups.

  3. THEY ARE INEXPENSIVE! Especially in caparison to the equipment you would have to buy to incorporate every muscle group you can target with a Kettle Bell.

  4. Kettle Bells are SMALL and come in many weights. There are Pro Grade and regular Kbs, personally I prefect the Pro Grade and this is where I shop for them.

  5. THEY ARE AWESOME FUN!!!! AND YOU CAN HAVE AWESOME FUN BUILDING MUSCLE AND BURNING FAT!!! Especially if you have a competitive streak in you​

-The Workout-

Tip: Try some interval training with your KB sometime, or even give this workout a go that candice smashed out!!

Candice SMASHED her workout with a total of:

20 Full Kettlebell Swings (American Swings)

10 Kettlebell High Pulls

10 Kettlebell Clean & Press

20 KB Swings (1/2 Distance)

5 Cleans (New to this move and she did very well at learning it)

10 KB Single Arm Rows

4x Through!!!!

Killed It!!!

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