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About Jade-Lee

Inspiring people to improve their lives and create a massive shift in the world we live.


Jade’s vision is to show people how to live a healthy, happy life while sharing her love for amazing food, travel and health & fitness; inspiring people to live life with purpose and self love.

With 10 years in the Health and Fitness industry, Jade's unique way of transforming people’s minds, bodies and lives comes from a deep passion and commitment to her lifestyle. She creates individual connections with people, personalising intensive and creative plans which grow her Healthy Tribe; ensuring everyone can feel comfortable growing their passion for achieving their specific goals and ambitions.

Jade specialises in:​

- Personal Training

- Rehabilitation 

- Massage Therapy

- Boxing/Kick Boxing

- Weight Loss

- Body Transformations

- Health Retreats

- Mind Body Workshops 

- Nutritional Advice

- Group Fitness

- Group Adventures

- Team Building

- Online Personal Training

Jade is highly energetic, motivated and highly driven to create success in people’s lives. There is no better feeling then knowing you have made not only an improvement to someone’s day but to someone’s wellbeing.


Personal Training

1 on 1 or 2 on 1 Personal training sessions individualised to your specific health and fitness goals. 

Jade digs deep into your goals and body's needs, helping break though not only fitness goals but life's little barriers.

8 Week Intensives

A life changing 8 Week Intensive Transformation. 
Designed to burn fat and increase muscle while introducing you to personal training or online training.
Our 8 Week Winter Intensive Program Starts Soon Enquire NOW!!


Everyone who trains hard deserves to treat their body to a soothing and repairing massage. 

Jade is a qualified massage therapist with many results in both rehabilitating and soothing the bodies needs


Compliments & Succcess Stories

Jade is one of the most amazing and inspirational persons I have ever met. Her want and need to change the lives of people is her biggest strength. Every session I complete, I not only gain self confidence within myself to push beyond my limits, I also learn correct techniques and improve my knowledge of fitness and healthy wellbeing. I highly recommend her to any one looking for a new challenge, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.


Playing soccer for the last ten years, I have neglected training in a gym and training to have any upper body strength. Since snapping my ACL and having to go through strenuous rehabilitation and limited lower body movement, with Jade's exceptional help, I have gained more upper body strength than I have ever had in my entire life. I now feel like my body is equal in strength and I can perform better in my every day physical activities including gym and running. I owe a great deal of gratitude and thanks to the woman who said, "yes I can help you, I can help you be better than you've ever been before".

Candice. L

Victoria, Aust.

Jade is a little pocket rocket. She pushes you to your limit, motivates you with her positive feedback and does it all with energy and a smile that brightens your day.  Thank you for being my PT and for beliving in me. Paula 

Paula. M

Victoria, Austalia

Jade is the consummate professional when it comes to personalized & customized training. Jades knowledge, skills & experience in fitness & nutrition ensure you get a holistic approach to improving not just your health & fitness but your life in general.

Megean. G

Darwin, Australia

Jade is BRILLIANT, that is all!!!

Lisa. C

Victoria, Aust

"The Jadenator" What a machine, this trainer can get through to the toughest of skeptics!
Jade helped me on a daily basis on my road to recovery and help me lose 30kg in total. She is amazing, inspiring and an energetic person to be around! Just what we need in this world xxx

Jamie. T

NSW, Aust

I've known jade for 2 years now and she is not only an amazing person , but also an amazing trainer and friend. Jade is a very passionate, loving and gives strong bursts of energy. Jade has trained me for 2 years and in that time she has supported me through my ups and downs of training. Always putting others first before herself. Always encouraging others to give it there all. She is very understanding but always determined to help in everyway possible. Jade is an amazing indivdual who I would highly recommend as a personal trainer. I have come across many pt's in my time but none with the amount of passion Jade has. - Brooke Dunn

Brooke. D

Victoria, Aust

Jade is one of the most beautiful & amazing people I have come across. I first really got to know Jade at her health retreat she had organised for a weekend away and straight away her genuine nature and positive attitude just took over the place! She is goal driven to help people so much it blows me away. She will be there for you 100% and guide you to what suits you, and most of all she listens to you and what you want to achieve big or small- she is there for you. Honestly, so strong and she makes you believe in yourself, because at the end of the day we all at one stage loose ourself along the way, and Jade has the tools and resources to get you back on track to health, wellness and loving life. She is just fantastic at what she does. Awesome work Jade!!!!!

Tanna. B

Victoria, Aust

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